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Fun with UIWebView


Hi. This is my first post for iDevBlogADay so a quick introduction is in order.

My name is Wiley Wimberly and I am a part-time indie iOS developer in Greenville, SC. I use the studio name Warm Fuzzy Apps for my indie projects. During the day I write glue code to make back end systems play nicely together for a telecommunications company.

I have one released app, RipDeck, and several others in various stages of completion. RipDeck is a fitness app based on the classic deck of cards workout. Give it a try for a fast paced, fun and challenging workout.

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Automator Service – Add to Reading List (lax version)

Recently, I was playing around with Safari’s new Reading List feature, and I was pleased to see that there is a Services menu item to add links to the list from other applications. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for a bunch of the URLs that I tried to add.

The link detection is overly strict and it seems to only work with well formed URLs that contain the scheme. This didn’t help at all when trying to add links from twitter where just about every one is shortened and does not contain the http:// cruft.

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